Wendy Pye Publishing

Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1985
Operation Level: International

Address: (Private Bag 17905)
Greenlane, Auckland New Zealand
Phone: +649525 3575
Fax: +649 525 4205
Web: http://www.sunshine.co.nz

Wendy Pye Publishing publishes early learning material for Literacy and Maths. The company is known worldwide for the development of multimedia material, in particular animated digital content, which link with a range of printed activity books and little books. Offices and partnerships with Wendy Pye Publishing can be found in key countries around the world.

We service international orders throughout the world from our distribution offices in New Zealand and Australia.

Sunshine educational resources reach across the world and our team is involved in creating new ways to make learning to read and learning maths happen in many countries.

Quality educational digital/print for early learning.

International book fair
26/01/2021 - 31/01/2021
Location Taipei World Trade Center