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At the end of his military service, in 1971, the father of Mauro Pellegrini left his son the complete management of their store in Marzocca (Ancona) where, at that time, he was selling a bit of everything. Following his personal passion, Mr. Pellegrini decided to create a corner inside the store to be dedicated to high fidelity.

However, to make clear to the audience what high fidelity was, there only was one way: organizing an Event, focused on the reproduction of sound. In 1973, then, he organized a ''High Fidelity Show'' at the Sembhotel in Senigallia (An), after making a major advertising campaign with billboards throughout the region. It was an unexpected success, which led to a revenue of about 60 million old lira in just one week! From that moment, the store expanded.

Mr. Pellegrini created a dedicated new store for the ''high fidelity'' only, with a listening room, which was very rare for that time and turned the store into the reference store for the whole Central Italy.

At the same time, in 1974, thanks to the Entrepreneur Mr. Sanzio Nicolini, the Owner of the Ancona CRN Shipyard, he made his first audio/video system inside the 40?meters yacht ''Moneikos'' and he started to care the systems of the F100 of the Fiat's Gianni Agnelli.

Pellegrini, despite his young age, enjoyed the full confidence of Mr. Nicolini and worked in the yard at night, devoting his time to this passion, after the closure of his shop. In 1981, he began to realize Meeting Rooms introducing professional video and production. From 1986 to 1990, he spent a lot of time in France, Paris, studying the large?scale distribution of DARTY. He learned the trade organization, the management of the staff, the logistics and organization of the automatic warehouse. In 1992, he was ready to open his first shopping center in Ancona: 5,000 square meters dedicated to electronics.

International marine equipment trade show
16/11/2021 - 18/11/2021
Location Amsterdam RAI