Van Gillern S.r.o.

Contact person: Mrs. Klara Vitaskova
Correspondence: English, Deutsch
Yearly Turnover: 65.000 EURO
Import: 30
Export: 70
Foundation: 1991
Operation Level: National

Address: Ringhofferova 421
251 68 Kamenice Czech Republic
Phone: +420323666 666
Fax: +420323 666 667

Van Gillern S.r.o. is a leading producer and supplier of packaging and advertising materials from PE films in the Czech Republic.
Majority of our production comprises of printing on a whole produced assortment with an eight-colour flexo.print machine Fisher & Krecke.

PE Film
three-layer, monolayer

Advertising carrier bags
with print and without, various types of construction and handles

Plastic packaging
food packaging plastic wrap, bags for frozen food, e.g. poultry, vegetable, bags with self-adhesive flap

Production of LDPE Films (trhee, five layers) printing (eight - colour) flexo print food packaging plastic wrap, bags, sacks, lamination (LDPE, BOPP, CAST, PET)

International trade fair for packaging and labelling technology
28/09/2021 - 30/09/2021
Location Nuernberg Messe
EMBAX PRINT postponed
International fair of packaging technologies, materials, packages and printing
19/11/2020 - 21/11/2020
Location Veletrhy Brno / Brno Exhibition Centre
Czech Republic
International fair of digital and classic printing, paper and packaging
11/05/2021 - 13/05/2021
Location Vystaviste Incheba Expo Praha - Holesovice
Czech Republic