The Art of Travel

Contact person: Ms. Erin Kessler
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2012
Operation Level: International

Address: 1-10-30 Owaricho
920-0902 Kanazawa Japan
Phone: +8176221 1586
Fax: +81762 54 1282

The Art of Travel team goes beyond sourcing experiences and curating trips in a quest to integrate travel with the arts, bringing guests into the workshops and studios of the artists and experts they collaborate with. In this way, they hope to encourage and sustain these often ancient traditions by raising awareness of their importance on an international level.

Sustain Culture. Sustain Creativity.

The beauty of modern civilization came from the amazing variety of cultures and creative thinking found around our planet. This is what The Art of Travel shares with their clients whether it be an experience, a story, or helping them find a hand made treasure they desire... Culture is at the core of what they do and so must be supported, cultivated and protected.

The Art of Travel is a Japan based travel agency comprised of japanese and Americans from various professional backgrounds dedicated to introducing the art and culture of japan to their guests. Their multicultural dynamic distinguishes them from most travel agencies and enables them to bridge cultures in a way that allows guests to discover Japan more personally.

International travel trade fair
05/09/2021 - 09/09/2021
Location Moevenpick Hotel Mansour Eddahbi & Palais des Congres