Sevenseas Foods Pvt. Ltd.

Contact person: Mr. Salim Iqbal
Correspondence: English, Français, Italiano, Deutsch
Operation Level: International

Address: (No. 2B, Asiya Manor), No. 9, Church Lane, Ritherdon Road
600007 Vepery, Chennai India
Phone: +91984003 5786
Fax: +9144 2661 1786

We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of India's speciality merchandising company for all seafood products of Fresh & Frozen Sea Foods, variety of crab, fish, shells, shrimps / prawns and squids. Seven Seas Seafoods was established in 1982 with an objective to be recognized as one of India's leading merchandising company for all seafood products with international standard.

With focus on new product development and specialty products based on market demand, the approach of the company has shifted dynamically from the traditional type of business to the modern way. With excellent goodwill form over 150 reliable and reputed supplier database, raw material & consumer products are assured all year around. Importers specifications are followed closely for perfect product delivery.

Seven Seas now works on behalf of major seafood importing companies in almost all countries around the world. Other than Frozen seafood's, we now also handle Fresh seafood's from EU approved factories.

Frozen Seafood Export Trading Company