Correspondence: Italiano
Foundation: 2012
Operation Level: International

Address: (S.P. Bonifica del Tronto Km 13,2 snc)
64010 Ancarano Italy
Phone: +390861188 64 85
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Is a cutting-edge technology conceived to teach the body how to react to unpredictable motor interferences generated by specific pieces of equipment, in order to improve proprioceptive and reactive skills.

Using RSDI (Reaxing Sudden Dynamic Interference) the vestibular and neuromuscular systems are stimulated in a more effective way compared to traditional training, increasing the results of the training.

It came about following the training principles evolution going from training an isolated single muscle at a time, with a specific equipment, to creating the awareness of using many different muscles in order to obtain better results. Today with achieved the celebration of multi muscle training. When I went skiing, even after a lot of preparation, the day after I felt pain in most of the muscles which I had been training hard during the entire year. Something was still missing. During the years, the athletic science has always supported the use of loads, the use of as many weights as possible in order to simulate the athletic technical gesture to which they refer. Nevertheless, the sport activity, carried out completely, created very different stimulations from those reproduced during the training activities.

The muscle response to a sudden and unexpected stimulation caused by both, sporting activities and daily life, was not trained. Even if I have quadriceps of steel, the unexpected hole in the slope, that i find surprisingly underneath my ski during a pleasant tourist descent, creates specific involuntary and sudden reactions. If someone pushes or holds me at full speed during a soccer, rugby or basketball match, a superior VO2 Max is not enough for me. I would have had to train immediate physical and physiological adjustments that the training used, until that moment did not provide. I discussed this issue with a friend of mine, we brainstormed and thought about it together and we created REAXING, the first company in the world specialized in products and methods to train SUDDEN DYNAMIC MOTOR INTERFERENCES.

Produzione e commercializzazione articoli per il benessere fisico.

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