Port of Brønnøysund

Contact person: Sølvi H. Kristoffersen
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: (P.O. Box P.b 65)
8901 Bronnoysund Norway
Web: http://www.bronnoy.kommune.no

Brønnøy is a Norway in a nutshell. Here you will find everything - from the ocean and islands in the west, to the fjords and mountain peaks in the east. You will experience lakes, rivers and waterfalls. The main port fascilities is in the centre of the small town Brönnöysund. Here you find connections to other local destinations as well as national destinations via bus and train, airplane or the Hurtigruta. Brönnöysund has many private and public services and most of it is within short distances.

The region has many sights and places to visit; mountaincarvings at Vevelstad, you may get a glimps of traditional boatbuilding craft in Bindal, Sømna has many mountain tracks in a beautifull landskape, Vega is part of Unesco, World Heritage because of the special interaction between the Islanders and the Ederducks. And at Tilrem in Brønnøy you may eat a lunch in a herb garden with local ingredients! And more! Welcome to Helgeland!

For traffic and fishing; food, water, hydrolic and mekanic services. The Guestport is in walking distance of most shops; food, pharmacy, clothes and more. The new Fishing port is in the southern part of Brønnøysund near the Brönnöysund bridge.

International exhibition of seatrade
08/09/2021 - 10/09/2021
Location Hamburg Messe