P3 group

Contact person: Monsieur Bernard Hugon
Correspondence: Français, English
Operation Level: Regional, International, National

Address: P3 group, 3, Route d'Aussonne
31700 Cornebarrieu France
Phone: +33534 52 82 20
Fax: +335 34 52 29 91
Web: http://www.p3-group.com

P3 France offers a wide spectrum of consulting and engineering services for aerospace, automotive and telecommunication industry in France.

We always strive to stick close to operations, directly implementing concepts and strategies alongside our customers. Our strategy doesn't stop with Power-Point. That's just the beginning - we've started numerous projects with clients during strategic consulting processes. That's how our subsidiary P3 systems was formed, for instance.

We were commissioned to help increase the efficiency of testing processes at an automotive OEM. Today, P3 tests entertainment systems for many international automotive OEMs in our own testing labs.

The special thing about our consultants is their ability to handle complex technical challenges. Right from the start, we think in terms of tangible solutions. "They have their heads in methods, but their feet on the ground" - just one statement from an international customer. We love to hear these kinds of compliments. We want to be seen as an agent of empowerment.

When we talk about complexity management, for instance, we don't have some academic construct in mind. Instead, we offer a tangible approach that frees our clients from excessive complexity, allowing them to concentrate again on their core value creation process. We don't use one-size fits all solutions: instead, we offer understanding and empowerment.