Nukem Isotopes GmbH

Correspondence: Deutsch, English
Yearly Turnover: 20-30 Mill EUR
Operation Level: International

Address: Industriestr. 13
63755 Alzenau Germany
Phone: +49602391 16 11
Fax: +496023 91 16 14

NUKEM Isotopes GmbH

... based in Alzenau, Germany is a global leader in providing isotopes in the form of ultra-pure substances for the semiconductor and nuclear industry as well as for agriculture and medical applications. We have been a reliable partner for long term demands of stable isotopes for more than two decades. We maintain our partnership with the major enrichment enterprises in the Peoples Republic of China, the Republic of Georgia and the Russian Federation. With our warehouses at Frankfurt Airport, Hamburg seaport and cooperation partners in USA, we are able to ship our isotopes within 48 hours to our clients worldwide. With our quality management (ISO 9001-2008, NUPIC) as well as third party analysis of our products, we guarantee our customers reliable services and high quality isotopes.

NUKEM Isotopes Imaging GmbH

... was established as a spin off company from NUKEM Isotopes GmbH in 2015. NUKEM Isotopes Imaging GmbH specializes in the supply of stable isotopes, which are used in the field of Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI). Currently NUKEM Isotopes Imaging GmbH provides two isotopes, Oxygen-17 and Xenon-129, in different forms and enrichments. For further information, please download our brochures of the corresponding product or contact us directly.

NUKEM Isotopes Imaging GmbH is ISO 9001-2008 certified and has established long term relationships with medical companies, who specializes in producing ultra pure products in compliance with cGMP regulations. This guarantees our customers in the medical fields a high quality and safe product.

Handel mit Isotopen für Medizin, Halbleiterindustrie und Kerntechnik