HT Green Technology Co. Ltd.

Contact person: Lin, Tseng-Hsian
Correspondence: English
Yearly Turnover: 900,000 USD
Foundation: Sep,2013
Operation Level: International

Address: (14F-7, No.1 Fuxing N. Rd.), Shongshan Dist.
10595 Taipei Taiwan
Phone: +88627730 8819
Fax: +8862 2711 1580

HT Green Technology Co., Ltd(HTG) was established by Mr.Tseng-Hsian Lin on September 18, 2013. He is qualified professional environmental engineer of APEC engineer.

Key members of investors have a lot of experience of environment protection engineering. HTG has already registered an "engineering consultant company" from Public Construction Commission Executive Yuan of central government, Taiwan, ROC(the license of engineering consultant NO: 001390).

As the sustainable development in this planet, HTG would like to service all over the world in the future.

At the beginning of the 21st century, we are ready to protect environment and improve the quality of life.

The businesses are expanding our credits from Taiwan to whole world and take improving the global village as the vision.

Environmental Engineering planning, design, construction, Natural Resource monitoring and conservation.

The core technology of HTG as follow:
1. combining big data and Cloud computing to instantly diagnose pollution of watershed and wastewater treatment.
2. using Internet of things(IOT) to remote control wastewater treatment facilities.
3. research and develop waterproof multirotor UAV and robot to use in water environment which is hard to take samples for long term monitoring.
4. Create ceramic membrane bioreactor (MBR) system which can do water treatment and recycling.