Holy Ginger

Contact person: Mr. Ioannis Trimmis
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2016
Operation Level: Regional, National

Address: Iros Konstantopoulou 31 Str.
163 46 Ilioupoli Greece
Phone: +30 211 400 63 03
Web: https://www.holyginger.gr

The idea came up a few years ago, when we wanted to make a healthy beverage for our friends.

HOLY GINGER is a luscious, restorative blend of flower honey, squeezed ginger juice and squeezed lemon juice with sweet, slightly acidic and spicy taste synchronously.

And the combination of ginger, honey and lemon gave us what we then called “gingerade”. The real positive response from those who tried it brought about heavy demand and thus a new business project. A project that finally led to HOLY GINGER.

Production and Bottling of a non Alcoholic Drink

FOOD & LIFE in conjunction with HEIM & HANDWERK
Regional food and lifestyle exhibition
01/12/2021 - 05/12/2021
Location Messe Muenchen