Ebusco B.V.

Contact person: Mr. K. Luijten
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 2012
Operation Level: International

Address: Berenbroek 3
5707 DB Helmond Netherlands
Phone: +3149256 23 48
Web: https://www.ebusco.eu

EBUSCO® is a Dutch company, focused on the development, marketing and sales of full electric buses for the European market. In addition, existing designs are adapted to the European regulations and the buses are equipped with the monitoring systems that the European concessionaires require serving a safe and economically optimal public transport.

EBUSCO® is a pioneer in the development of electric bus transport and was the first European company to receive a full European type approval for a full electric bus. Since 2010 we have gained extensive practical experience through the deployment of 300 buses driving in a normal timetable (325 km per day).

With the introduction of the deliverable fully electric buses from EBUSCO®, the emissions targets of the EU for the public and freight transport and private transport are realized in an urban environment for the next 50 years.

Bus manufacturer

International automobile exhibition and commercial vehicles
24/09/2020 - 30/09/2020
Location Deutsche Messe
International fair for the coach and bus industry
18/10/2019 - 23/10/2019
Location Kortrijk Xpo