Dr. Eddy Levin

Contact person: Mr. Eddy Levin
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: 23 Church Vale
N2 9PB London Great Britain
Phone: +44208292 2662
Web: http://www.goldenmeangauge.co.uk

The Golden Proportion
The Golden Proportion is an ancient phenomenon unlocking an unparalleled understanding of beauty in nature, art, and science, known about since the time of the Ancient Greeks. The Golden Proportion is your first step toward an eye-opening adventure that will enrich your life with a new understanding.

The Golden Mean Gauge
Using the Golden Proportion Gauge will enable you to enrich your life with a new understanding of the beauty in nature, art and science. The Golden Proportion has been known about since the time of the ancient Greeks who used it in their works of art. It can be used for your own art and design, confident of success.

Children love to play with it in their simple explorations of beauty and simultaneously learn some of the basic maths of fractions, proportions, arithmetic and geometric progressions, quadratic equations etc.

This is the original gauge made by Dr Levin, still the cheapest and most accurate. Laser cut from stainless steel to give the accuracy to measure from very small to larger items. Expect it to last a life time. A perfect Christmas present for anyone interested in the beauty of nature, art and science.

Sale of Golden Mean Gauges