Domba Bali Persada PT

Contact person: Ms. Wan Wan
Correspondence: English
Export: 70
Foundation: 1998
Operation Level: International

Address: Jl. Mertanadi No 77 Abian Base
80361 Kuta-Bali-Indonesia Indonesia
Phone: +62361472 7268
Fax: +62361 472 7267

Where tradition, heritage and culture of coffee brewing in Bali - blend in together from generation to generation. it is the taste of a true 6aiinese coffee.

Every coffee bean is hand picked and sorted to the best quality. Domba Coffee is famous for its special blend of only the best Arabica, Robusta or even Liberica coffee beans with traditional formula. We roast each bean to perfectly balanced taste, highting its distinct flavour and aroma, a true feast for any coffee connoisseur in the world.

Who is Domba Coffee

* Domba Coffee was born in 1998 in jimbaran-Bali and have expanded the coffee factory to Kuta-Bali Island in Indonesia.
* Domba Coffee is a local Indonesian coffee roaster and an international coffee exporter.
* Domba Coffee has a vast experience in hand-picking the best quality coffee beans to special blend roasting to brewing the best taste coffee or even customized it.
* Domba Coffee Factory is one of the best tourist premier spot in Kuta - Bali for a cup of heavenly-freshly-ground coffee brewed on the spot and a place for socialisation & relaxation.

Vision and Mission

To spread the goodness and greatness of Domba Coffee into the world.
To become one of the top Leading and Innovative Coffee Roaster and Supplier from Bali to the world coffee lovers.
To bring Blessings to those who works in the - Coffee Plantation and to be Socially Responsible.
To hold the values of Honesty and Integrity.

Artisan coffee company who produce excellence products from Indonesia to the world.
Products: premium coffee, tea, cocoa.

International Halal expo
17/12/2020 - 20/12/2020
Location Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall