Dol Rosa Canina

Contact person: Mr. Vince Tyrrell
Correspondence: English

Address: 15A Haines Court
OX13 6PN Marcham Great Britain
Phone: +44754282 11 55

The company Dol Rosa Canina was established in February 2014 by Mr Vince P Tyrrell with the primary aim of re-introducing a modernized 100% natural version of the traditional rosehip syrup (that previous generations had relied on for its great health benefits and wonderful & unique taste), but still keeping to the old traditional village cottage industry ways.

Keeping to the original 1943 recipe issued by the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Vince had gone out into the local countryside & hand-picked, freshly ripe organic wild rosa canina hips

having been trained from an early age in the arts of foraging & healing herbs, along with his local knowledge and knowing all the landowners about him, certainly helped him locate the sustainable quantities required for his project

he then hand-processed the hips to a recipe from his grandfather that allowed the best extraction, the processed hips were then put in Blenheim Palace Natural Mineral water and steeped to original recipe, with the other significant changes being, reducing the sugar content down from 60% to just 20% using gluten free natural cane sugar, and a drop of fresh lemon juice to preserve the produce instead of the high sugar content. His Rosehip Syrup has now sold into the 1000's across most of the world.