Contact person: Mr. Minseok Kim
Correspondence: English

Address: (Sanho-Daero 116-60)
39377 Gumi-Si Korea, Rep. of
Phone: +8254462 5326
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Since our foundation in 2010, D K T Co., Ltd has developed, manufactured and supplied a wide range of custom designed converting machinery for the film, paper, textile, ink type coating, and foil industries, and have constantly grown up based on differentiated techniques and quality and customer reliability.

I deeply appreciate you trust and help -all of our customers, our partner firms and others concerned in us as well as our executives and employees who have shared joys and sorrow a along with D K T Co., Ltd. despite of difficult conditions. Now, so as to develop ourselves into a global leader, we have a plan to expand our area and marking networks in China, Southeast Asia and even in Europe on the basis of our R&D achievements, know-how and special experiences.

In addition, we will grow into a highly recognized company with proven high tech expertise and the commercialization of it. We all will strive to achieve this vision through constant innovation and challenge. We believe that the way to reward your reliability and loyalty is to fulfill our duties for you, to provide you with better products and services, and to put socially responsible management into practice. We will always make efforts to meet customer needs more proactively with passion and special experiences. Finally, we sincerely commit ourselves to pursue win-win strategies and to care for the community.

Converting Machine (Coating M/C, Slitting M/C)
Functional Films

International trade fair of factory automation, materials handling and logistics, surface and subcontracting technologies
12/04/2021 - 16/04/2021
Location Deutsche Messe