DeRoovers Vacüum & Precision Technology BV

Contact person: Mr. Rob de Lang
Correspondence: English

Address: Oosteinde 34
2361 HE Warmond Netherlands
Phone: +3125286 76 04

DeRoovers specializes in vacuum technology and precision technology. We can help you during every phase of your project; from designing the product to manufacturing and distributing it. Herein lies the strength of DeRoovers: we can manage your entire project and help you with any and all aspects of it.

DeRoovers can help you with everything that has something to do with vacuum technology and precision technology; from just a small idea to the actual realization of the product. We have years of experience and combine our own knowledge and expertise with that of our established partners.

Combining all available knowledge is the philosophy of DeRoovers and we achieve this through close partnerships with several top companies and people who each have their own specialty and can therefore all bring something different to the table. We can help you with finding the right answer to all of your questions and are there to help your company achieve its goal.