Daza International b.v.

Contact person: Dhr. H. Tuenter
Correspondence: English, Deutsch
Operation Level: International

Address: Bosstraat 30-32
4704 RL Roosendaal Netherlands
Phone: +3116559 93 88
Fax: +31165 59 94 35
Web: http://www.daza.nl

Daza Opticare B.V. is more than a supplier of electronical fall prevention systems

Daza Opticare B.V. is a company which develops and produces electronical devices for healthcare. The company was founded in 2000 by Carlo Danen and Wim van der Zande to provide a solution to the growing number of fall incidents amongst elderly people. Encouraged by good results and the acknowledgement of professionals in health care, Daza has become market leader in the Netherlands in the field of electronic fall prevention and patient safety. When you want to prevent or detect dangerous situations for the elderly, you've come to the right place. Daza will continue their effort to reduce unnecessary fall incidents and increase the safety of the patient.

Applying a thorough analysis within the healthcare sector to discover the real needs and use this information to develop quality products. Our mission is to provide solutions which prevent falls and reduce the workload of health care professionals.

International medical exhibition
26/04/2022 - 28/04/2022
Location Flanders Expo