Destek Accessible Technology Solutions

Contact person: Mr. Mehmet Evsen
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: Sandfields Business Ctr., Endeavour Close, Purcell Ave.
SA12 7PT Port Talbot Great Britain
Phone: +44163989 53 30
Fax: +441639 89 53 30

We know that being more accessible can enable businesses reach more customers, improve user experience, and increase efficiency but it also helps include disabled people into society.

We want to make things more inclusive for the disabled community, that's why Destek works with organisations to improve the accessibility of their products, services, and environments so that people with disabilities aren't excluded.

Our vision is to support disabled people in society. We're passionate about equality and we want to push accessibility as much as we can so that there are no barriers stopping anyone fully taking part in society. We can't do it alone, that's why we work with organisations to help them understand and achieve inclusion for all.

Wanting to use years of accessibility experience and expert knowledge to make big changes for the disabled community, Andrea Kennedy formed Destek with her partner Mehmet Evsen in 2010. Destek has since put together a team of highly skilled, experienced consultants and partnered with suppliers to provide a complete solution for large private and public organisations. We're based in the UK but we have strong ties with Turkey and work with clients across the globe.

Digital Auditing, Disability. Compliancy Service

National exhibition of travel technology
24/02/2021 - 25/02/2021
Location Earls Court One, Earls Court 2
Great Britain