Dansk Danseteater

Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1981
Operation Level: Regional, International, National

Address: Pasteursvej 24, 3 sal
1799 Copenhagen Denmark
Phone: +4522 17 79 27
Web: http://www.danishdance.com

Danish Dance Theatre was founded in 1981 by the English/Norwegian choreographer and pioneer Randi Patterson, in collaboration with Anette Abildgaard, Ingrid Buchholtz, Mikala Barnekow and soon after, Warren Spears. At that time, the company was named 'New Danish Dance Theatre.'

Since 2001, Tim Rushton (MBE) has been the company's Artistic Director and has successfully continued Danish Dance Theatre?s vision of combining the classical arts with the modern.

Today, Danish Dance Theatre is the foremost contemporary dance company in Denmark, as well as the largest. The company is composed of hand-picked dancers from all over the world.

The repertoire spans from large stage productions at The Royal Danish Theatre, to open-air events such as Copenhagen Summer Dance in the Copenhagen Police Headquarters and Louisiana Dance in the garden of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Danish Dance Theatre also does an extensive amount of both national and international touring.