D&A Mobile

Contact person: Mr. Dennis Bushuev
Correspondence: English
Import: 50
Export: 50
Operation Level: International

Address: Ul. 17 Stycznia 32, (Fastair Cargo AS)
02-148 Warsaw Poland
Phone: +4853550 51 60
Fax: +4853 550 51 60
Web: http://www.damobile.org

D&A Mobile is a dynamic, flexible and continuosly growing company. The company is focused on wholesale trade of mobile phones. D&A Mobile sells leading brands - Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC, and responds quickly and effectively to the growing demand. We successfully work and are committed to satisfy all the needs of our customers and it is our full intention to make the business mutually beneficial. Our team is confident of establishing thriving and long term relationships with all our trading partners.

Wholeseller of mobilephones, TV, SSD, game consoles, tablets.

CEBIT is not staged anymore
International trade fair for digital IT and telecommunication solutions
11/06/2018 - 15/06/2018
Location Deutsche Messe