Curagon Industrial Packaging Solutions

Contact person: Mr. Jan Thissen
Correspondence: English, Deutsch

Address: Lauwersmeer 13
5347 JR Oss Netherlands
Phone: +3141274 60 19
Fax: +31412 74 63 12

Curagon develops intelligent, innovative solutions for the industrial packaging industry. Over and above the sorting machine we also supply sorting cards (further to client specification) and a track and trace system for these. The objective underpinning all our activities: Progress in profits

We involved specialists from all relevant disciplines when designing our sorting machine: production managers, logistics managers, quality managers, microbiologists and - of course - expert machine developers.

The result is a machine that not only meets expectations down to the smallest detail on the drawing board, but one that works in practice too... as pilot studies at one of the world's biggest packagers have proved.

Curagon is Esperanto for 'gutsy'. Aside from knowledge and experience, entrepreneurship is similarly a fundamental factor in our company philosophy. When we see an opportunity we dare to embrace it and to stick our neck out. In doing so we resourcefully set to work and only rest on our laurels once we've attained perfection.

This packaging machine is just such an opportunity.

International trade fair for the beverage industry
10/11/2020 - 12/11/2020
Location Nuernberg Messe