Culture Expeditions

Contact person: Mr. Panos Tezapsipis
Correspondence: English

Address: Tsimiski 130
546 21 Thessaloniki Greece
Phone: +302310 23 70 66

In 1991, American Ed Myers during his travels around the world, fell in love with Greece and moved there in order to start his travel business. Named cultureXpeditions, the new tour operator catered to Greek tourists traveling abroad and to Americans visiting Greece and neighboring Turkey.

Ed worked with universities and archaeological institutes in order to offer high standard tours in well known but also in little known places. Gradually cultureXpeditions added new destinations such as Southern Italy and Sicily, Syria and Jordan, Iran, Egypt, Libya and India.

Since then many things have changed: cultureXpeditions has been bought by Kanon Inc. one of the most reputable tourism organizations in Greece. In recent years cultureXpeditions built a worldwide reputation, based in hard personal work and trustworthy partners. The company's headquarters is in Greece and new branches are operating in the Turkey and Kuwait, targeting the top end market of the Gulf countries.

Thousands of happy travelers from all over the World join our tours every year and most of them are loyal and book new tours with us. Their goal is to get in touch with little-known areas and untouched nature. In some cases, cultureXpeditions groups are the only visitors and locals give them a warm welcome.

Inbound tour operator member of the Kanon Group

International travel and tourism trade exhibition
27/10/2021 - 29/10/2021
Location Marina Bay Sands