Contact person: Sig. Marco Vercesi
Correspondence: Italiano, English
Yearly Turnover: 3 Milioni €
Foundation: 1998
Operation Level: International

Address: Via Roma 94
27041 Casanova Lonati Italy
Phone: +39038528 70 70
Fax: +390385 28 70 78
Web: http://www.csiantincendio.it

C.S.I. srl has started to construct a new test facility for integration to its existing pump station which will enable the company to perform tests with usage of real foam concentrate, thanks' to its special design including drainage collection tank integrated under the test room to collect and disposal used foam solution under our company policy to the environment.

The new test facility will have dimensions to satisfy EN 13565 requirements to for high expansion foam generator tests with/without pollution air.

Produzione apparecchiature antincendio - Acqua - Schiuma - Gas - Polvere

International fair of fire and disaster control and rescue
14/06/2021 - 19/06/2021
Location Deutsche Messe
Hannover (changing)