Cover My Cast

Correspondence: English

Address: 62 Aylesbury Crescent
Plymouth Great Britain

Kuvrs, formerly Cover My Cast, exists due to carelessness!
I was at work one day and turned to put some stationery away in the cupboard and - CRASH!
The next seven hours were spent in the Local Accident and Emergency Unit and resulted in me returning home with a cast on a broken wrist.

I managed to change the color of my cast to match my tights, or my outfit for the day and the reaction I had from friends, family and even strangers on the bus was amazing. The idea grew that if this was what I wanted then others would want it too.
So Cover My Cast was born. We have sourced some fabulous fabrics, have been careful in choosing our packaging and will be as green as we can. Our printing and advertising is being locally sourced as much as possible too. The covers will made to order and we aim to have them posted out within 48 hours of the order arriving in our in box.

National exhibition of pharmacy
17/10/2021 - 18/10/2021
Location NEC National Exhibition Centre
Great Britain