Connected Strategische Veranderingsprocessen

Correspondence: English, Deutsch

Address: Looiersgracht 37
1016 VR Amsterdam Netherlands
Phone: +31 6 5122 3237

Connected, which was founded by Marco Maréchal in 1996, consists of a large number of specialists inside and outside our own organisation: motivated professionals, who are all willing and able to share their knowledge and experience to solve your problems. Based on your challenge, needs and culture, we will set up a team that will go to work for you with great efficiency and short lines of communication. This enables us to customize our work to match your needs. The core of each team always consists of experienced (strategic) communication consultants, representatives and project supervisors.

The quality of our contribution is in the connection: inside and outside your organisation. We think, look and listen along with you to find opportunities and to identify obstructions. Our creativity and independence enable us to quickly get to the heart of the matter. After that, we offer practical assistance to help you move on; for example, by solving problems, streamlining your organisation and establishing cooperative partnerships.