Complete Financial Balance

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Address: (Sts 14-18, Level 3, Royal Brisbane Pl), 17 Bowen Bridge
QLD 4006 Herston Australia
Phone: +61 7 3257 3944
Fax: +61 7 3257 3935

At CFB, we proudly partner with each client throughout their life journey. The relationship with our clients is founded on our clients' best interests and delivered through meaningful dialogue.

We add value to our client's lives by:

Demonstrating an in depth knowledge of our clients occupational environment in order to protect our clients financial future and inform industry, of the needs of our clients;
Identifying the risks, both personal and professional, that our clients are exposed to in order to develop the strategies to protect them and their family; and
We identify our client's current and future wealth creation opportunities in order to allow them to invest in their own lives and secure their financial future.

Knowledge is the foundation of our financial advice. Knowledge of our client's occupational and personal circumstances provides us with the opportunity to deliver our industry's best client-centric financial advice. However, our knowledge development is a journey not a destination.

As such we view our self as a learning organisation set on a path of continuous improvement. Our organisational improvement is driven by our client's needs. We will seek feedback and refinement to ensure best of class service to our valued clients.