Comonext S.c.p.a.

Contact person: Sig. Antonio Spagnolo
Correspondence: Italiano, English
Foundation: 2010
Operation Level: International

Address: Via Cavour, 2
22074 Lomazzo Italy
Phone: +3902367 14
Fax: +3902 36 71 40 57

The ComoNExT (New Energy for the Territory) STP, managed by ComoNExT, is an initiative undertaken by the COMO CHAMBER OF COMMERCE within the framework of social development projects aimed at boosting the competitiveness of the local economy. These projects feature a new shared strategic design and participatory governance with a multisectorial approach.

To manage the projects, the Chamber of Commerce set up a territorial development agency called Sviluppo Como Spa.

Sviluppo Como Spa was established in 2006 with the aim of revitalizing the economy and productivity of the Lake Como district by fostering a new entrepreneurship, encouraging strategic sectors and driving growth through an innovative and technologically advanced approach.

Sviluppo Como is a public limited company with a share capital of 10 million Euros, underwritten by banking institutions and the business associations of the Province. Thanks to their local roots, they are able to provide a balanced representation of interests and an effective intervention capacity.

As a matter of fact, Sviluppo Como combines a strategic planning vision with a strong financial and execution capacity.

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