Colart France SA

Correspondence: Français, English

Address: 5 Rue Rene Panhard
72021 Le Mans Cedex 2 France
Phone: +33 2 43 83 83 00
Fax: +33 2 43 83 83 09

Colart is the world's leading artist's materials company, and we deliver true inspiration.

The universal language of art has the power of bringing people together. Art has no boundaries. No rules. No limits. And at Colart our role in society has always been to provide the tools needed to unleash freedom of expression in any shape or form.

We are proud of our fine art heritage and deep roots that have inspired artists for centuries. Now it's time to take the next step; our driving force is to continue to inspire the next generation of creatives the world over.

Regardless of skill, all creativity starts with a pen, pencil or brush. The starting point is always an idea that needs to be born, nurtured and grown. Our beloved brands, diversity, and deep knowledge will lead the way to a more personal relationship with our consumers, building a vibrant and creative community. Our unique global presence and passionate employees will make it happen.