Cogent Skills Services Ltd.

Contact person: Ms. Helen Jenkinson
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: Cogent Skills (5 Pioneer Crt.), Morton Palms Bus Pk.
DL1 4WD Darlington Great Britain
Phone: +44 1325 47 09 00

Cogent Skills is the UK's strategic body for skills in the science industries, led by sector employers. We work with them to develop, design and deploy skills solutions for the science industries.

All our products and services are designed with science industry employers, are underpinned by national standards and meet the unique requirements of the sector.

Industries covered include chemicals, polymers, biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, bio medical technologies, environmental technologies, bio medical devices, nuclear and organizations that devote the majority of their efforts in the various stages of research, development, technology transfer and commercialization.

The National Skills Academy Nuclear, which is a subsidiary of Cogent Skills, works independently and is the strategic body that represents the industry to stimulate, coordinate and enable excellence in skills to support the Nuclear Programme. Cogent Skills provides value to the nuclear industry by focusing on standards, qualifications and labour market intelligence.