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Do you ever get those days when the outdoor temperature is so low that you feel cold right down to the bone, and you get home and you have no means of warming your body through properly? With a hot tub those days will be a thing of the past, and you?ll be able to come home and submerse yourself in 38°C water, warming up your entire body, and since the steam keeps the air temperature the same as the water for a meter above the surface, your head stays warm too, bringing every single inch of your body up to just above natural body temperature.

It has also been proven that after getting out of a hot tub, your body stays at this temperature for thirty minutes, so you can get out and not feel the cold winter chill at all!

Hot tubs are perfect for all occasions, whether it be a social gathering of friends, a celebratory event, or just to havesome time to yourself and to get away from all the stress of every day life.

Hiring a hot tub is also a perfect way to decide wether purchasing one of your own is a good move, to guarantee it is right for you! It is also a nice and easy way to hold a celebration, get-together or party!

If you really enjoy your hot tub experience and want to buy one from us we will refund the 6 day hire charge from the purchase price.

The 'STRONG SPA' offers enough room for 4 adults, a 2Kw electric Heater / 2.0 hp pump. There are colour changing lights, a detachable drinks shelf and positions for holding beverages.

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