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Fanless Embedded Computer

Fanless Design - The absence of moving parts extends system life, reduces needs for maintenance in a wide range of environments and heavy-duty industrial applications. In addition, it also minimizes possible downtime caused by failures of moving parts. Fanless design reduces overall system power consumption.

Cable Free Design - All components and connectors are directly mounted on the PCB using SMT and DIP without any connecting cables. This eliminates possible cable failure and also prevents signal degradation and latency. Our cable free design results in an extremely strong and durable mechanical structure which is suitable for the harshest environments.

Wide Temperature Range - The design of Cincoze fanless embedded computer allows operations in extreme high and low temperature environments. The system provides the highest level of failure tolerance and is designed to deliver optimum performance over a wide temperature range in order to accommodate diverse industrial applications.

Application - Driven Functionalities - The usage of industrial computers over the last decade has extended into an enormous range of applications. Many of these require more than standard computing functionality; transportation, digital signage, factory automation, POS / KIOSK, surveillance, in-vehicle, medical and many others. By using built-in micro-processors, extended I/O modules, dedicated ASIC and add-on circuit boards, we are able to offer advanced functionalities that makes the required applications easy to apply and ready to run.

The advanced fanless embedded computer is more than just a standard fanless computer; it offers not only superior computing performance but also integrated application-driven functionalities such as Digital I/O, Power Ignition, Power over Ethernet, Power over Serial, RAID and Multi-LAN. The target of the advanced fanless embedded computer is to be an intelligent and cost saving solution for the increased demands of today's market.

Convertible Panel PC
CV-100 / P1000 - CV-100 / P200C

Convertible Touch Monitor
CV-100 / M1000

Display Module

PC Module
P1000 - P2000

Monitor Module

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02/03/2021 - 04/03/2021
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01/06/2021 - 05/06/2021
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