The Cheese Makers Choice

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Homemade cheese is like anything else that is homemade, it's fresher, tastes better, has fewer mystery ingredients, is rewarding to make and satisfying to serve. Cheese making is also fun and can be as quick and simple as making your own bread, only slightly more impressive!

Just a few generations ago many people made their own simple soft cheeses. However, so few people attempt cheese making now thinking it's too difficult, too complicated and requires specialist kitchen equipment, it's not and it doesn't.

My Cheese Making Kits have been designed to give you the equipment and knowhow so that you can follow simple step by step instructions in a home kitchen to produce your own delicious cheeses. The Cheese Making kits are suited for most ages we recommend 8 to 88 (give or take a bit!) so that everybody can enjoy making and eating tasty homemade Cheese.

We are delighted to be able to bring you some fantastic recipesshowing some of the ways you can use your homemade cheeses in the kitchen, cheese making support, tips, facts, humour and inspiration. You can purchase our cheese making kits, and a selection of cheese making equipment to satisfy your cheese making bug.

International food exhibition
06/09/2021 - 07/09/2021
Location Olympia Exhibition Centre
Great Britain