Château de Sauveterre

Correspondence: Français

Address: (Chateau de Sauveterre)
32220 Sauveterre France
Phone: +33562 62 54 73

Sauveterre children are the responsibility of Mr and Mrs Bower, and their boarding and teaching staff, for the duration of their time at the Château.

They follow the rules, dates, arrangements and syllabus offered by the Château in line with all the other children, whether they are from Cothill or from any other school.

Through the château, pupils are offered a wonderful opportunity to improve their written and oral French, as well as to develop personally and socially by acting as guests and hosts whilst living in a foreign country. The fine weather, delicious food and small numbers ensure that each individual maximises his or her chances to grow academically and socially.

Schools from within the Trust are encouraged to make suggestions and to ask for certain requests, but in general, all decisions are made by Mr Bower, regarding the welfare and education of the children.

Members of staff from the Trust schools are encouraged to take an interest in their pupils' term in France, and are very welcome to visit. The start of term is an ideal time for a member of staff from a Trust school to visit Sauveterre. In this way staff are able to keep in touch with children's academic progress and welfare more easily.