Charme D'Orient

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Address: (POB 43690)
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
Phone: +9712676 4600
Fax: +9712 676 1500

Charme d'Orient could not have come about without the determination, the enthusiasm and the passion of one woman, Yasmina Zerroug, whose creative momentum is only equivalent to her very personal understanding of beauty.

When she decided, in 1994, to create her first "Well Being Space" (Espace Bien Être) in Paris, it was clear for her that she wished to bring back and share with other women some beauty rituals she was introduced to as a child and that she still had a vibrant memory of.

An original idea brings Yasmina to offer a 100% honey wax. A magical recipe: the most sensitive skins as well as the most stubborn hair are finally faced with a solution, without excluding the fact that the act of waxing is softer leaving a pain-free skin. Thus was created Charme d'Orient's first innovation in Yasmina's kitchen!

Charme d'Orient continues its prodigious adventure since 1998 by playing an original reinterpretation of the East based on the history and memory of Yasmina.

It is in this spirit of sharing and of authenticity that each one of you will find in Charme d'Orient the Orient of your dreams. That of Travel, Sensuality and Culture

International beauty and spa trade exhibition
17/02/2020 - 18/02/2020
Location The Meydan Hotel / Meydan Racecourse
United Arab Emirates