Chantal de Gaudio

Correspondence: English

Address: 44 Shirland Mews
W93D4 London Great Britain
Phone: +44 7796 95 22 96

Chantal is a London based artist, who combines her passion for floral designs with her belief in the healing powers of beauty.

Her work is inspired by growth and fecundity; taking inspiration from nature, especially the character and beauty of flowers and plants.

She is fascinated by the alchemy of the masculine and feminine and how the two energy's dance together to create a whole. This is reflected in her blossom work with the strong branches and the soft layers of color depicting the petals. Chantal paints using resolutely domestic (arguably masculine) materials; Masonite and gloss house paints are transformed into flora landscapes, which reflect the feminine side to her work. Each one depicts the story of a relationship.

"My aim is to create art that moves and energetically inspires giving one the feeling of being alive. I feel my art emits a positive energy. The healing power of beauty is my goal".

Artist / Interiors Wallpaper