Canline Pipeline Solutions

Contact person: Mr. Tim Burns
Correspondence: English

Address: (PO Box 37)
AB T0C 0P0 Breton Canada
Phone: +1780696 3412
Fax: +1780 696 2567

Canline's President and General Manager have both been directly involved in the installation of composite pipelines since the inception of this revolutionary technology. We specialize in pulling new pipelines inside of old.

Canline was the first in North America to successfully install freestanding stainless steel tubing inside of a failed steel pipeline, that met regulatory approval. Since our first installation we've expanded to provide services worldwide, using a wide range of flexible pipeline products.

When dealing with an aging pipeline, you're typically faced with three major concerns: land access issues, safety, and cost. Installing a new pipeline means disturbing the environment and negatively impacting the neighboring residences, for the entire length of the pipeline.

Installation requires large crews working with complex and potentially dangerous equipment, which typically costs a great deal in terms of materials, manpower, and time. Canline solves these problems by simply pulling a new pipeline inside of the existing pipeline.

Rehabilitating the pipeline eliminates the need to tear up the ground for the length of the pipeline, and minimizes interruption to the neighboring residences. Smaller crews and less equipment equates to less cost and greater safety.

Exhibition of technical, developmental and business needs of the industry
27/09/2022 - 29/09/2022
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