Canbows Trinity International Incorporated

Contact person: Ms. Katy Chen
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: International

Address: (5F., No. 5-2, Qingnian Rd.)
326 Yangmei (City, Taoyuan County) Taiwan
Phone: +8863496 6899
Fax: +8863 496 6861

Balanced Health, Long Life

The human body is comprised of 75 trillion cells, and if every one of them is normal and full of vitality, then living long, healthy centenarian lives would be more than just dreams. Chinese history records more than 500 emperors throughout its years, yet none of them lived beyond 50. The lone exception, Emperor Qianlong, lived to an impressive 89 years of age and was claimed the longest living emperor of them all.

He was well accomplished not just in literature and the arts, but also in military conquest, and has built an empire that stands proud against all others, future or past. Stories of his romantic escapades during his six visits to his empire's southern regions and legends of he and his palace concubines are particularly favored among people. All these stem from his "nourishment first" philosophy towards health and the palace's health preservation secret recipes, giving him a 30-year-old's stamina at age 80.

Royal Palace Only, Emperor's Secret Recipe

This health food product is made from a secret Ching Emperor Palace Recipe, refined using modern nanotechnology. It nourishes the spleen and improves the liver, balances the blood and manages the chi, preserves the blood's core, fires up the body's chi, strengthens tendons and bones, and fills one with vitality. It is suitable for compensating various maladies, sore backs, wobbling feet, and whitening hair. It can nourish the chi, fill the essence, replenish the marrow, strengthen the maleness, power up the impotent, and inspire vitality, for a strong, healthy body.

Why choose us ?

- Proprietary Natural Peptides
- Easier to Digest and Absorb
- Small Molecules & High Penetration
- Orthomolecular Therapy
- Made in Canada
- G.M.P Certified Factory
- 100 % Natural Ingredients
- Vegetable Capsule
- Additive Free
- Compound Prescription
- SGS Certificate
- CANTEST/CTC Certificate

The Benefit of Bnutra Products

- All of Bnutra products utilize proprietary "Natural Peptides" as a protein carrier, help to transfer the absorbed nutrition to human cells, organs & tissues
- 100% absorbed by the human body