CA Gramkow Comercio Exterior Ltda.

Contact person: Mr. César Augusto Gramkow
Correspondence: English, Portugues
Import: 100
Foundation: 2005
Operation Level: International

Address: Rua Joao Dietrich 465, Costa e Silva
89219-140 Joinville - SC Brazil
Phone: +55473086 1800

Gramkow is a Brazilian company acting as sales representative of foreign suppliers of textiles and Food Ingredients in Brazil. The company offers a wide range of services aimed at adding value to the business and providing full support to customers and suppliers.

Gramkow Foods
Gramkow Foods markets and distributes imported products that meet the highest standards of quality, nationally and internationally certified. Our portfolio of solutions ranges from supplying raw materials to manufacturers of organic, natural and healthy food products to sourcing specific products for specialized retail niches.

Gramkow Textile
Main yarn types, Cotton, Spandex, Nylon, Polyester, Viscose & Specialty Yarns

Gramkow Agency
Sales Agency, Import On Behalf And Order Of Third Parties & Imports On Own Account Upon Request

Gramkow Distribution
Our distribution channels are:
- Industry Channel: raw materials for textile and food industries.
- Retail Channel: retail food products, as of 2013.

Gramkow is a Trading Company Specialized in Textile Yarns and Food Ingredients

National textile industry fair
13/04/2021 - 16/04/2021
Location Parque Vila Germanica - PROEB