Brunazzi & Associati S.a.s.

Correspondence: Italiano, English
Foundation: 1985

Address: Via Superga 53
10020 Baldissero Torinese (TO) Italy
Phone: +39348389 83 03

The advertising and communication agency was founded in 1985, but their experience in the field of business communication dates back much further. Giovanni Brunazzi was responsible for the International Advertising & Identity of the Iveco Image Management from 1976 to 1984. The agency know develops projects of corporate identity, advertising, brand design, editorial design, packaging, exhibition design e web design.

The packaging projects are sometimes developed together with the English partner SiebertHead of London and Pack Co. Packaging consulting of Milan and Prato for the development of research projects and solutions for technical and image problems.

The agency is a member of EPDA, European Packaging Design Association. The agency has partners in Europe, USA, Canada, South America with Amplo Brasil, of Belo Horizonte. Works also with ALP Channel, Turin, for communication activities in television and web TV.

L'agenzia di pubblicità e comunicazione integrata è nata nel 1985, ma la sua esperienza nel settore della comunicazione d'impresa è molto più lunga. Giovanni Brunazzi è stato responsabile internazionale Advertising & Identity alla Direzione Immagine Iveco dal 1976 al 1984.

L'agenzia sviluppa progetti di corporate identity, advertising, brand design, editorial design, packaging, exhibition design e web design. Per lo studio del package design si può anche avvalere del partner inglese SiebertHead di Londra e Pack Co. per lo sviluppo di progetti di ricerca e per la soluzione di problemi inerenti ai materiali.

L'agenzia è associata a EPDA, European Packaging Design Association. Ha partners in Europa, USA, Canada, Sud America con l'agenzia Amplo Brasil, di Belo Horizonte. Collabora inoltre con ALP Channel, Torino, per l'attività di comunicazione televisiva.

Brunazzi&Associati, founded in 1985, is an international advertising and communication agency (with partners in Europe, USA, Canada and South America) specialized in: corporate identity, advertising, packaging, product design, editorial and web design, architectural design.

International exhibition for contemporary furniture
22/09/2021 - 25/09/2021
Location Olympia Exhibition Centre
Great Britain
International fair of packaging machines
25/02/2021 - 03/03/2021
Location Messe Duesseldorf