Broekhof ''adding vaule''

Contact person: Mr. Richard de Groot
Correspondence: English, Deutsch, Français
Yearly Turnover: 30,000,000 EUR
Foundation: 1974
Operation Level: Regional, International, National

Address: Postbus 53
2210 AB Noordwijkerhout Netherlands
Phone: +3129723 90 00
Fax: +31252 34 34 35

Broekhof turns flowers and plants into gift items

For more than forty years, Broekhof in Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands has been a prominent supplier of packaging and decorating materials for the cut flower and ornamental plant industry. Sleeves, picks, flower bags, plastic buckets, sheets, pots and many more items: you'll find them all at Broekhof.

The cut flower and ornamental plant industry is changing. These days, you can't get away with having just beautiful plants or colourful bouquets on your shelves. Today's customer wants exactly what Broekhof provides: originality and craftsmanship - and that added visual experience.

As a family business in the traditional dune and bulb-growing region of the Netherlands, we cherish our local roots and our transparent way of working. We also combine this approach with our innovative strategy and passion for improvement.

An inspired team of designers works fulltime on turning the latest trends and developments in the market into exceptional packaging materials for your product. Broekhof also develops truly unique products based specifically on an individual customer's preferences.

Packaging and Decoration for the flower and plant insdustry

International plants trade fair
25/01/2022 - 28/01/2022
Location Messe Essen
National horticulture fair
10/02/2021 - 11/02/2021
Location Exhibition Center of Angers