British Bug Control

Contact person: Mr. Colin Campbell
Correspondence: English
Operation Level: National

Address: (Unit 2, Eaglethorpe Barns), Warmington
PE8 6TJ Peterborough Great Britain
Phone: +44 207 416 6671

Bed Bug Treatment - UK Specialists

Our own extensive research has revealed that bed beds are now highly resistant to the chemicals that can be used against them.

Our approach using highly trained bed bug sniffer dogs gets to the root of existing problems quickly, and facilitates a user-friendly and on-going early warning system, allowing you to spot any future outbreaks quickly and stopping them ever turning into bed bug infestations.

Cimexine Sure-Guard encasements remove the key harbourage points for bed bugs, meaning you never have to worry about throwing away beds and mattresses in the event of an outbreak.

If you are unlucky enough to suffer with bed bugs, we can facilitate the only treatment what will kill them in all their stages, including (vitally) the eggs stage. Our heat treatments are GUARANTEED to get rid of the problem.

The Cimexine Bed Bug Product Range
We have developed a suite of complimentary bed bug products under the Cimexine brand to help you reduce bites immediately and tackle the problems and stress caused by a bed bug outbreak. Cimexine offer more sizes of our luxury bed bug mattress encasements and bed base encasements than anyone else.

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