Julia Brendel Ltd.

Contact person: Ms. Julia Brendel
Correspondence: English

Address: (The Den, Tunstall Road)
ME9 8DX Tunstall Great Britain
Phone: +44179559 98 40
Web: https://www.juliabrendel.com

Upholstery fabrics, handmade lamp shades and cushions, rustic table linen, woollen throws and cashmere scarves.

Born of Hungarian/Polish Historians of Art, Julia Brendel was imbued with the Culture of Art from an early age. This "Art Conscious" and eclectic environment led Julia to travel widely, gaining first-hand experience of the cultural and aesthetic influences of Art on the practical.

After 5 years at the Poznan Academy of Art where she explored product and furniture design, silk painting and mosaics, Julia focused on the techniques of Construction in Art enforcing her commitment to more traditional forms of manufacturing in crafts. The influences of Hungarian and Polish backgrounds and her passion for folk designs, costumes, lace and embroidery led her to widen the search for artistic influence in both cultures.

In 1999, she came to London where she became further inspired by the multiculturalism and cosmopolitan way of life in the city. This influence of different cultures, beliefs, languages, patterns, flavours and scents coexisting and influencing modern life is at the core of Julia's work. An eclectic patchwork of cultures and different styles that are so interwoven into modern western society finds expression in her designs. Julia lives in Kent with her Irish husband and two children.

Fabric + Soft Furnishings Design