Contact person: Ms. Pam Taylor
Correspondence: English
Foundation: 1974
Operation Level: National

Address: 700, 602 - 12 Av. SW
AB T2R 1J3 Calgary Canada
Phone: +1403262 1156
Fax: +1403 537 6952

Imagine launching a business without a personal computer, smart phone or tablet. You'd have no internet, no email, no social media and no mobile phone service. That's how it was in 1974, when Laverne Bowen-Kruger launched her recruitment firm. There weren't even faxes to be had back then.

There was, however, a booming economy. Hungry for new employees, it created opportunities for recruitment firms and placement services. But if you wanted to be in the game for the long haul, you had to satisfy Calgary's business community. They were demanding a high level of service, so that's what Laverne gave them.

She figured out how to deliver a quality of service that has since become the hallmark of BOWEN. That?s how we became proficient at contingent workforce management, on top of our permanent and temporary placement operations. It's also how we succeeded in placing and/or managing more than 120,000 people, over the past 40 years.

Today, we are 50-staff-members strong, making us the largest firm of our kind in Western Canada. We source and manage thousands of contingent workers. We design complex recruitment projects across a range of industries. We manage contractors, making sure they're paid and compliant. We understand Canadian payroll legislation. We employ the latest technologies and are adept in both safety and non-safety-sensitive environments. We work with some of Canada's largest companies. And some pretty small ones, too.

We are, as we like to say, your people partner. "It describes us to a T," says President and CEO Shannon Bowen-Smed, "because it covers what we do and how we do it. Especially now that we're managing over 3,000 contract workers, for clients."

"I like how our tag line suggests we're allied with the people we work with," adds Jeffrey Bowen, head of Corporate Services, "because so much of our business is based on long term relationships. Some of our clients have worked with us for over 25 years and others actually date back to the 1970s."

Laverne Bowen-Kruger started something quite amazing, in 1974. The proof is in the company called BOWEN, still thriving, growing and serving Calgary's business community.

Full Service Recruiting and Contacter Mgmt. Co.

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