Boogaard International BV

Correspondence: English, Deutsch

Address: Boogaard International BV (Westwyk 19)
5406 XS Uden Netherlands
Phone: +3141325 71 12
Fax: +31413 25 71 56

Boogaard International is a family firm based in the Dutch province of Brabant. Professional expertise and experience have been handed down from one generation to the next. Sustainability and long-term vision are fundamental values in all our activities.

At the moment, the next generation is being prepared to take over the running of the company, bringing new knowledge and inspiration.

The best product for the best price and always organic, these are the goals we work for.
To do this, we make use of an extensive network of growers and producers throughout Europe. Because we know the market so well, we can respond flexibly to new developments.
We are continuously innovating, so that we can provide our customers with tailor-made service.
Our customers are food producers, caterers, bakers and wholesalers all over Europe.

International organic trade fair
17/02/2021 - 19/02/2021
Location Nuernberg Messe