Black Pearls Audio

Correspondence: English

Address: 4 Moschopoleos (Str.)
156 69 Athens Greece
Phone: +30 210 653 76 89

The company was founded in January 2012 by Konstantinos Papachristou, Ph.D., electronic engineer and lover of sound, music, and high-end equipment. He decided to take it to a professional level and combine his electronic engineering knowledge with his audio experience. Having studied jazz saxophone and attended many live concerts has resulted in a face to face experience with sound, which is invaluable for someone who wants to get involved into the development of high-end audio equipment.

The company's target is to develop high-end audio equipment that reproduce sound accurately and with as high fidelity as present technology allows. Its primary target is the absolute audio experience, exploring paths that other developers reject due to excessive cost, excessive complexity, or even excessive simplicity! Every single topology is being examined for the sound quality it offers, regardless of the cost, and if it passes the strict criteria the founder of Black Pearls has set, it is implemented and embedded in the company's equipment.

Black Pearls is in position to make direct judgment of the audio quality of every topology by experienced persons that have the required knowledge and that can make important and clear suggestions on improvements that need to be made. The final judgment is made by the founder himself, who will overcome any financial issue, even in difficult economic times like the ones we currently experience, in an effort to bring to the market high-end equipment that will allow the potential customer to own a quality device that will allow him to enjoy his favorite music in the best possible way.

Music is all about feelings, it is about images the human brain generates when being stimulated by it, it is memories that rise when the ear's drum tunes-up to the melody, so it deserves to be played by equipment that can reproduce every finite detail with great accuracy, because it is this finite accuracy that makes the difference!