Avia Saddles

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00060 Formello Italy
Phone: +39 06 90 40 04 60
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Web: http://www.aviasaddles.com

We're inventors and researchers for endurance solutions and also lovers of biomechanics applied to equitation.

From several years we have dedicated our solutions to horse riding world. Helped by continuous and deepened study.

Thanks to new technologies and new products we are able to reach qualities standards truly innovative, that introduces in equitation market a total revolution.

Especially applying to general products new technology, for example: fabrics and leathers that never gets wet, or a new material characterized by resistance, lightless and aesthetics, that is Carbon.

In fact product made by carbon is the latest discovery, and should be usable to multiple cases where weight and mechanic resistance are decisive factors.

Lightless improve sport performances for all kind of athletes. Avia, for the first time in all world,applied Carbon to equitation, making a new resistant and light saddle, that is a benefit also for the horse.