Contact person: Sig. Marco Riva
Correspondence: Italiano, English
Yearly Turnover: EUR 500.000,00
Foundation: 2014
Operation Level: International

Address: Via D.A. Barella 3
20020 Bareggio (MI) Italy
Phone: +39 02 484 630 08

AuraLed born from the experience formed in the world of LED lamps construction, in Italy, and the import from abroad. Started in 2014, thanks to the support of AURA Srl group, has today taken a personal identity.

The forward-looking vision of the team of Auraled and, more importantly, was able to catch the opportunities offered by the market, that deals of LED and energy-saving, with the aim of bringing benefits in both terms of cost and efficiency to the final customer: AuraLed, characterized by a young and qualified team, with a deep knowledge of the market, thanks to the long experience in the lighting industry .

That has meant that Auraled was born under the star of Aura, have an ideal team for consulting and marketing of LED lighting. The priority is always the satisfaction of the customer, who knows he has a point of reference in a team of qualified and cutting edge with new technologies, that support the customer at all stages of the negotiations with the utmost professionalism: key of the success and customer loyalty over the years.

Commercio e costruzione corpi illuminati in LED