A to Z Packings

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Import: 25
Export: 15
Operation Level: International

Address: A to Z Packings, Cheranellore P.O.
682034 Kochi India
Phone: +91 484 243 0583
Fax: +91 484 243 0583
Web: http://www.atozpack.com

a to z Packagings - a professional team in the field of art and modern techniques of Product Packaging, has been established with a focus on promoting a wide variety of innovative and cost effective packing materials. As a market leader with proven track record, having more than a decade's expertise in the field, we have been committed to consistently upgrading the the quality of our products and services according to the market requirements.

A to Z Packagings ensure complete Security at our end. All our operations are performed under one roof and we maintain complete audit and check on the suppliers and delivery systems. Hologram sticker is supplied by us, to authorized representatives of client Organizations, only through reliable and time tested Courier Companies. Once the desired numbers of Hologram sticker are supplied, the master is sealed and kept in the custody of our directors.

We ensure uninterrupted and Timely Supplies to our valued customers. We have installed all critical machinery in redundancy to enable us to do so. We take pride in maintaining Top Quality. We procure all our raw materials from only reputed vendors and have established effective quality control procedures.

All types of packaging materials