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Address: Unit 40, 6 Herbert St.
NSW 2065 St. Leonards Australia
Phone: +6129431 5000

he Australian Companion Animal Health Foundation (ACAHF) is a non-profit trust founded in 1989.

The Foundation's purpose is to help make the lives of our pets longer, more comfortable and free of disease by helping to fund research. The research projects help further our knowledge of the cause, treatment and prevention of the clinical diseases of companion animal, mainly dogs and cats.

Funding for this type of research is typically not available from government or university funding bodies. The foundation raises money through donations from veterinarians and companies associated with the pet industry, pet owners and other concerned members of the public. All gifts and donations to the Foundation are tax deductible to the donor.

Members of the public who would like more information or want to make a donation to the Foundation can read the ACAHF brochure. ASAVA members who wish to make a donation can do so when they renew their annual membership.